How to Ensure Last-Mile Delivery is More Successful

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How to Ensure Last-Mile Delivery is More Successful

As discussed in our previous article “The Importance of Last Mile Logistics,” last-mile delivery is a crucial part of the supply chain. Ensuring it runs smoothly can make all the difference between enjoying repeat business from a satisfied customer or having to deal with costly returns and negative reviews.
Nowadays, consumers demand shorter delivery slots and a greater level of communication from shippers. They want reliable and up-to-date delivery information. Listed below are some of the most desirable features that will help your business stand out from the crowd.

Excellent Communication
Communication is crucial, and don’t assume customers will see the first message about their delivery. Make sure these messages are easy and quick to read. People often overlook important messages, deleting them without even reading them, or speed read missing salient facts.

Use a variety of channels to keep in touch with them, updating their delivery information so they are aware of when a package will most likely arrive. Good communication can help avoid costly, missed deliveries.

Pristine Packaging
When a parcel arrives with damage to the external packaging or when the cartons are too flimsy, customers automatically feel suspicious about the condition of the goods inside. Even if the contents have survived without damage, the customer may question your company’s policies toward consumers.

Contrast that with a well-packaged item that arrives in a sturdy box with appropriate fill material. The customer is automatically reassured that you value their custom and that your company is run professionally.

Offer White Glove Delivery
If your company delivers items requiring some assembly, offer customers a white-glove delivery service. Many customers are time-poor or lack the skill or patience required for home assembly. White glove delivery ensures the item is assembled correctly and that packaging is immediately removed, eliminating the potential problem of disposing of or recycling packaging materials.

Provide a Fast Resolution Service
Inevitably, some items will arrive damaged or will be the wrong order or are incomplete. Offer customers a fast resolution service that is easy to navigate. If the delivery team is still at the customer’s home when the mistake is discovered, have them order a replacement immediately.

Offer Last-Mile Delivery Connectivity
Ensure your company stands out from the crowd by offering real-time information for that vital final stage of delivery. When delivering larger items or goods requiring signatures, arrange for the driver to call when they are half an hour away.

Work with Reliable Carriers
The people who deliver your goods can add value to the customer experience, so chose your carriers carefully. These carriers represent your brand in that final mile of delivery, and it is essential to ensure they treat your customers courteously.

Choose the Best Logistics Software
The right software can help to strengthen supply chains significantly, and especially as many become more automated. Many major companies worldwide already recognize that MagicLogic’s BlackBox optimizer provides an excellent solution. BlackBox is easily integrated, selecting cartons, and optimal fill in real-time. BlackBox grows with your company, and custom solutions are available.
Contact MagicLogic to discover how we can help your company to remain competitive in today’s challenging environment.