Load Planning, Cartonization and Palletization Now Accessible in the Cloud

MagicLogic load planning software is now available in the Cloud for customers. It is suitable for companies looking for a SaaS solution without any additional overhead on local IT resources. Customers who prefer to purchase licenses outright still, of course, have this option.

Cube-IQ Web and BlackBox are both available as subscription-based services, securely hosted on our servers using Microsoft Azure. Logistics service providers, retailers and manufacturers can now plan loads efficiently, directly from the Cloud. Both applications give accurate results at lightning speed using our advanced algorithms.

Cube-IQ Web – All the Same Functions of Cube-IQ

With Cube-IQ Web, our subscription holders can log into the service wherever they use their tablet, laptop or phone. Cube-IQ is renowned for covering more operational requirements than any other software. It can handle even the most complicated loading rules, allowing planners to choose the position and orientation of each item loaded into a container, railcar, truck or ULD.

Cube-IQ optimizes loading into one or more containers, automatically selecting the correct-sized container for each load and ensuring more items are loaded every time. A built-in database ensures no other external software is required. The graphical user interface allows load planners to edit loads on the fly, step through loading plans, and view them from any angle, thanks to a powerful graphics engine. Frequently used recipes can be saved for future calculations.

Many trucking companies fall foul of strict laws on axle weights. Cube-IQ ensures all axle weights are accurately calculated, so loads are safe and legal. Other options include loading in a pick or drop sequence, and the software can easily handle split-level trucks or trailers.

BlackBox – Cartonization

Many companies still struggle with items packed and shipped in incorrectly sized cartons, wasting cardboard and using excess dunnage, and significantly increasing shipping costs. Our Cartonization software eliminates this problem, using item dimensions and weights to select the optimally sized carton in near real-time, ensuring this solution is ideal for eCommerce. Warehouse staff receive clear loading plans, and the software is also suitable for use with robotic pack stations. Customers receive perfectly packaged goods with only enough fill material to protect the items and ensure they arrive in immaculate condition, so returns are minimized due to damages.

BlackBox works behind the scenes and is specifically designed to integrate easily with all WMS/ERP systems using industry-standard APIs.

BlackBox – Palletization

True mixed palletization is tricky to achieve, and BlackBox has a separate optimization engine developed specifically for this purpose. Solutions include complex mixed-case pallet stacking and palletization for manual or robotic pack stations. Our software ensures your pallets are loaded accurately, calculating cartons’ strength and crush resistance and ensuring only lighter items are placed on top. BlackBox ensures no cartons or items overhang the pallets or the layers underneath, based on the item’s precise weight and dimensions. Hence, pallets are stable, can be wrapped securely, and are ready for shipping or warehouse storage.

Easy integration and software training ensures Cube-IQ or Blackbox is ready to use quickly. With a subscription, your company starts saving money from day one with minimal initial outlay. Subscription prices are tailored to meet the demand of each company and can be scaled up as your business grows. Interested? Contact us for more information and a software demonstration.

Air Freight Logistics: Loading ULDs Efficiently

Air freight logistics has become more challenging over the past year. Like so many industries, it has needed to adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. While previously, much of the industry was B2B, it has increasingly become more business-to-consumer oriented. The freight industry has also needed to compensate for the loss of cargo space.

Previously, a lot of cargo was transported in passenger plane holds, but the decline in travel has led to commercial flight cancellations of around 50%. Airlines have adapted to the challenge, repurposing passenger planes to carry more freight. While some continued only to offer space in the hold, others have gone a step further, removing seats to carry more freight, but this means the freight must be packed directly into cartons rather than into Unit Load Devices or ULDs. Despite these adaptations, the lack of cargo space remains challenging, and air freight rates have increased significantly in response.

With increased freight costs, the need to optimize loads correctly and safely is even greater. MagicLogic has years of experience in air freight logistics, optimizing ULDs efficiently and safely, saving time and money.

Optimizing ULDs

ULDs are exceptionally tricky to load efficiently, as there are numerous variations in sizes and shapes; they are not rectangular and have cut-off corners or ceilings. The shape depends on where the ULD is to be loaded in the plane and the type of aircraft. Then there is the actual load to consider. Some cargo is pre-loaded into cartons or boxes, while other loads need to be built on open pallets. These pallets must be built to fit the contour of a specific ULD. Once built, they are secured in place by a net fitted around the rim of the pallet.

Following Loading Rules

If cartons are used, our software ensures they are packed correctly, protecting the cargo and ensuring it arrives in perfect condition. When pallets are loaded, it is important to ensure the weight of the cargo is not concentrated on a single pallet. Accurate load spreading is essential in making it easier to load the ULD, and to help balance the aircraft.

MagicLogic load optimization software follows the strictest and most complex loading rules, ensuring pallets or cartons are loaded safely and stably. Loading rules are fully customizable, including the orientation of each item and its allowed location in a load. This ensures a delicate item is never loaded on the bottom and that goods that require specialized handling are packed correctly. The software calculates an optimized pallet or carton’s weight, ensuring it does not exceed safe levels.

As the pandemic begins to ease with the introduction of vaccines, the airline industry will gradually return to normal, and the number of flights for passengers and cargo will increase. However, it could leave behind some fundamental changes to shopping habits. People have become accustomed to the convenience of purchasing goods online, changing air freight logistics for good.

Choosing the Best Load Optimization Software

Companies with limited loading of ULDs can use our Cube-IQ® software program. Those companies who routinely send large amounts of sir freight will benefit from our BlackBox® optimizer, which provides high-speed Cartonization and advanced mixed-palletization.

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