Robotics Can Increase Employment According to Canadian Study

Most people assume that introducing robotics into an industry would decrease the need for a human workforce, but a recent study has discovered this isn’t necessarily the case. Statistics Canada found that Canadian companies investing in robotics over the past two decades have also increased their human workforce.

Companies that had automated certain tasks had approximately 15% larger workforces than comparable companies in the same industry. The increase in employment was attributed to the need for more high-skilled jobs such as university-educated computer programmers and less skilled positions requiring high school diplomas. Middle range employment positions held by people with trades tended to disappear, largely due to natural attrition as these workers left the company or retired and were not replaced. Interestingly, these firms tend to need fewer managers as workers gained more control over making decisions, with the added benefit of performance incentives.

Even so, introducing robotics will inevitably disrupt the workplace. While the need for some workers has increased, the nature of other jobs has changed. In 2019 it was estimated that ten percent of jobs might become automated over the next fifteen to twenty years, while nearly a third may need to change significantly.

Twelve years ago, in 2008, Canada’s stock of robots was worth CAD$1.2 billion, with nearly half of this value found in the automotive industry. By 2017, the total stock value increased to CAD$1.5 billion, with less than CAD$400 million in the automotive sector, while investments in construction, agriculture, health and mining registered increases. Rather than reduce wages, companies have been introducing robotics to improve service and product quality.

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