Cube-IQ Web:

Load planning in your hand

Experience the full power of Cube-IQ directly in your browser, on your tablet, or on your smartphone, combining convenience with comprehensive functionality.

The software of choice for logistics professionals.

Cube-IQ Web covers more operational requirements than any other software, and we have more versions tailor-made for different industries and implementation scenarios.

Seamless integration

Cube-IQ Web integrates into your operations, from workstations in your head office to global divisions and your reps on the road. Continually refined, its the most intuitive, user-friendly product available today and is compatible with all editions of Windows.

In-house algorithm development

Our algorithm is fully developed in-house and still under continual research and development to enhance its capabilities and add new features. Our commitment to ongoing research means more efficient loading for you.

Best loading engine on the market

Built around the best loading engine on the market, Cube-IQ ensures maximum volume/weight utilization. It optimizes item placement in containers of various sizes, selecting the ideal ones for your needs and accommodating complex shapes to maximize your load capacity every time.

Inbound and outbound efficiency

Cube-IQ optimizes order quantities for inbound logistics and enhances cargo estimation and volume utilization for outbound shipments.

Fully scalable

Operates efficiently from a single CPU to a server network with no additional software required as you grow your operations. Our system is self-tuning, self-balancing and fast.

Grafische Benutzeroberfläche

Assemble loading jobs through point-and-click and drag-and-drop actions with on-screen and printed graphics with drag-and-drop editing of loadings in real time.

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