Dabs UK uses Cube-IQ BlackBox to cartonize online orders in real-time

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Cube-IQ Web is a web-based version of MagicLogic’s container loading software Cube-IQ that runs inside a the Internet Explorer web browser. This version was developed specifically for the scenario where our client/licensee makes its data available to its customers/agents/distributors. Running Cube-IQ Web then allows the user to check the loadability of sales orders before finalizing the order.

If a customer gets a discount for ordering full truck loads, Cube-IQ Web allows that customer to check if the truck is actually full. A sales agent can check an order for loaded volume utilization, and offer the customer to place a larger order for the same transport cost.

All data is set up by the Cube-IQ licensee and maintained centrally, and the users (clients, sales staff) build the actual loads on-screen before deciding on what quantities to order.

Cube-IQ Web is highly customizable in look & feel. It can be hosted by our licensee, but, if preferred, also by MagicLogic. It is presented to the user as an integral part of your web site.

The data for Cube-IQ Web can be maintained in a standard Cube-IQ system, which offers an upload feature for updated data.

Cube-IQ Web is available only under a Corporate License. Contact us for a demo, or to set up a trial license.