Improving Your Supply Chain with Efficient Packing

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Improving Your Supply Chain with Efficient Packing

Ensuring your company uses the best processes and strategies for packing can significantly improve supply chain efficiency. Listed below are some tips to consider.

1.    Make sure each step and the materials required are correctly identified as this can vary from one product to another. The materials include the box type and size, and inserts. Also, it’s important to ensure materials are available when and where they are required, so there’s no need to halt operations.

2.    Ensure product data is up-to-date and includes the shipping mode, size and weight, and any applicable safety requirements. The information will help devise a compliant and efficient packing process and allows employees to be trained correctly in using the appropriate packaging.

3.    Understand and ensure all regulations are complied with, for example, labeling and packaging for each item shipped.

4.    Reduce waste by ensuring the correct sized box is selected for every order. Customers do not appreciate goods delivered in oversized boxes with unnecessary fill materials and which are not cost-efficient to ship.

5.    Consider advanced packing solutions as some are designed to ensure the box provides adequate protection for the products, without using additional fill material, pellets, or liners.

6.    Think about partnering with an expert who specializes in custom designing packaging that fits your needs, and which is compliant for all regulations.

7.    Make sure your packaging solutions stay within budget, avoiding last-minute changes to design or materials.

8.    Know your products and how they are packaged and ensure everyone working in your supply chain is aware of this information. That way, you can plan for any potential disruptions and minimize their impact on the supply chain.

9.    Actively look for alternative packaging solutions instead of using old and outdated systems simply because that is how it’s always been done.

10.    Continually look to refine packaging and evaluate the procedures used from when you receive the order to shipping. 

We specialize in Cartonization solutions and can ensure the correct boxes are selected for each order, time after time.  Our software adapts to even the most stringent of rules and regulations, so every load is compliant and safe. We also provide custom solutions for hard-to-pack loads.