Identifying a Successful Order Fulfilment Strategy

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Identifying a Successful Order Fulfilment Strategy

Today’s supply chains are increasingly complex and identifying a successful order fulfilment strategy is often an ongoing process. Nowadays, companies frequently ship a wider product range with consumers demanding fast delivery. Often, technology is an important part of this process, but before considering options, companies need to analyze their goals and requirements so they can choose the best technology solutions available today.

Evaluating Data
One essential step is to evaluate data, considering the type of orders the company receives, and whether they are wholesale, e-commerce or retail, or a combination. The size of these items is important and decides whether they are picked manually or automatically, and helps to determine how they are packaged and shipped. Some companies have high demand items requiring a larger storage area, while other companies may carry a more limited number of a specific item, requiring different material handling. Data is gathered from a company’s IT systems, warehouse management software and transportation management software.

Company Objectives
Another consideration is the short-term and long-term objectives of the company, and whether they expect sales to increase substantially and if they have seasonal peaks affecting order fulfilment. A company that has seasonal peaks needs an order fulfilment strategy that is easy to implement so that seasonal staff can be trained quickly. It needs a system in place that allows for quick order fulfilment based in real-time.

Deciding If Automation Is the Right Choice
Automating a fulfilment centre or warehouse can significantly boost throughput, allowing companies to meet tight delivery goals. But it may not always be the right choice for some companies where superfast delivery isn’t a major consideration. However, warehouse automation is becoming more commonplace and especially as the technology becomes more affordable combined with a tighter labour market. Interest in robotics is growing from companies who have never previously considered this technology.

Making MagicLogic Part of Your Successful Order Fulfilment Strategy
MagicLogic’s Cube-IQ is our state-of-the-art load planning software, covering more operational requirements than any other software. Cube out loads on your PC and use our clear 3-D diagram-based loading instructions. MagicLogic’s BlackBox software is perfect for automated fulfilment centres. It is a solution that can fit easily into any successful order fulfilment strategy. It is a plug-in module compatible with any WMS/ERP system and integrates seamlessly. The system is fast and scalable, easily coping with high-speed Cartonization and complex mixed palletization. It grows with your business, as you introduce automation to your fulfilment centre. Orders are packed and shipped adhering to the strictest loading rules that are fully customizable.

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