For Developers, Integrators & VARs

Why developers work with our APIs

MagicLogic licenses a number of its products to developers and integrators so they can provide Load Planning and Load Optimization services as an integral part of another system. We designed our APIs to be developer-friendly. Our support team consists of developers, so we can get you the answers you need right away.

Please note you will need to contact MagicLogic Sales for evaluation versions and developer licenses for this software; it is not available online.

The BlackBox provides Load Planning and Optimization in a no-frills application or as a Windows service. Please click here for more detailed information about BlackBox.

Integrating your applications with our Service Objects was designed to be as painless as possible. Most high level languages support tools which can generate classes for consuming our services.

BlackBox SOAP+XML Service
The BlackBox SOAP Services adds a SOAP interface to the BlackBox product, enabling developers to instantly provide optimization services via a web-server. This service is compatible with SAP, Dynamics, Oracle E-Business as well as many other well-known WMS/ERP systems.

BlackBox REST+JSON Service
The BlackBoxREST Services adds a REST interface to the BlackBox product. 

If you are unsure about which API to use, contact our developers now. We provide detailed API documentation, code samples and test cases to help you get up to speed fast.