Cube-IQ: Advanced Load Planning Software on your Desktop

Our state-of-the-art Load Optimization software is the program of choice for the Logistics Professional

Why Choose Cube-IQ?

Our state-of-the-art Load Optimization software is the program of choice for the Logistics Professional.
There is no better Load Planning software on the market than MagicLogic’s Cube-IQ. We load more! Not only that, but we cover more operational requirements than any other software, and we have more versions, tailor-made for different industries and implementation scenarios. Please contact us for details of how Cube-IQ has been adapted to help your specific operational requirements.

A Built-In Database Engine
Cube-IQ has a complete database engine built-in that allows clients to share the database across multiple users. The database comes with full import-export capabilities, using CSV, Excel, or XML files. The CSV and Excel specs are user-definable. The database is fully SQL- and ODBC-compliant as well. No external database software is needed.

Leverage the Best Loading Engine on the Market
The Cube-IQ Load Planning system is built around the best Loading Engine on the market and will give you optimal volume/weight utilization. Cube-IQ optimizes the loading of items in one or more containers, optionally of different sizes: we will select the right containers for your load. The system can help you to cube-out loads on your PC, and in the actual loading through its clear, 3D diagram-based loading instructions. Complex shapes help to make sure we can help you to load more of your items every time.

Graphical User Interface
Cube-IQ has a complete Graphical User Interface, with point-and-click and drag-&-drop to build up loading jobs, and with on-screen and printed graphics. There is even drag & drop editing of loadings available. This feature allows you to edit your loads in real time, in true 3D using our fully interactive load editing module. Add and delete products, spin the load around, grab boxes and drag them to a new location. Cube-IQ updates the load plan while you work, all thanks to our powerful graphics engine.

Fully Flexible
Cube-IQ offers full flexibility in loading and stacking rules, which you can define for each orientation of a box. The system you buy needs to be configurable to your needs. Cube-IQ works with you, whether that’s in a WMS/TMS environment, or intense cartonization operations, or the guy on the loading dock scratching his head over a 5,000 SKU order. In each case, your unique requirements are met by Cube-IQ’s flexible, intuitive rule set.

Algorithm Developed In-House
Our algorithm is fully developed in-house, and still under continual R&D as we add more features and innovations. Ongoing research provides ongoing improvement, which to you means, again, more getting loaded and better. We load boxes in containers, trucks, ULDs and rail cars (multi-directionally), but we also do optimized palletization and cartonization. It’s not just boxes that can be handled, but also rolls (straight up and on their side, nested if required), and nested L-shapes (e.g., sofas). Our loading algorithm is licensed and built into software provided by many Tier 1 logistics service providers, as well as on the desktops and servers in some of the world’s largest operations.

Adaptable and Easy to Implement
Our feature-rich product can adapt to your specific business rules and practices, right out of the box. Cube-IQ can be set up to work with any system generating XML or JSON data. Your system integrators will be up and running in a few days with our straightforward, yet powerful APIs.

Where do you see your business in five years’ time? Cube-IQ grows with you. Our architecture is specifically designed to fit the bill from a single CPU to a network of servers. No additional software is required as you grow your operations. The system is self-tuning, self-balancing and fast.

Excellent Support
Cube-IQ includes diagnostics and self-monitoring tools, but if you need help, we are here for you. MagicLogic is renowned for its excellent customer support. Nowadays, many operations are 24/7 and downtime must be minimized or obviated where possible. We provide fast support, regular software updates and have a dedicated professional team ready to help you. Contact us directly via phone or email or our online Helpdesk.

Run in Your Language, Using Your Terminology
Cube-IQ software runs in many languages, and additional languages can be added without the need for new software releases. The entire system can be translated on the fly using our simple language selection menu. Languages currently available include: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, and Japanese. Additional languages are available on request. Every term can be localized, for example, switch our default term ‘container’ for ‘pallet’ or ‘skid’ automatically.

Works in Multiple Units
Cube-IQ works in multiple units that can be switched on the fly, or even mixed. You can maintain your database in inches / cubic feet and pounds yet plan a load into a metric container dimensioned in centimeters, cubic meters and kilograms. Conversions are easily maintained between loads and are 100% accurate. Switch between units for easy visualization and to use the units appropriate to the locale where the load is physically built.

Inbound and Outbound Shipping
Our customers use Cube-IQ to load containers in inbound and in outbound shipping. Inbound, the software helps to place orders with quantities that are optimized to fill one or more containers. Outbound, Cube-IQ helps for cargo estimation and to maximize volume utilization.

Use for Mixed Palletization
Cube-IQ can help you with mixed palletization (robotics) too, as well as do cartonization. Typically, this involves automation, for which we have a special version BlackBox.

Advanced Truck Loading Capabilities
Cube-IQ ensures axle weights are automatically calculated to remain within limits, ensuring loads are legal and safe. Other advanced solutions include loading in pick sequence or drop sequence, loading around ‘unusable’ spaces such as freezers, and handling split-level trucks or trailers.

Maintain Your Competitive Edge
Load planning can save time and will streamline an operation in an ever-increasingly competitive business world. Cube-IQ can fit in with your operation, from local workstations in your head office to your divisions across the world, to your reps on the road. As with all our products, Cube-IQ is being constantly refined, providing you with the most intuitive, user-friendly product available today.
Creating a load is just three clicks away, yet every rule and detail you need is easily accessible, whenever you need it.
Cube-IQ runs under any edition of Windows.