BlackBox Helped This Customer Achieve Over 200k Savings in Year One

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BlackBox Helped This Customer Achieve Over 200k Savings in Year One

BlackBox is our flagship product and we are extremely proud of its capabilities, and especially when we learn the degree of savings it achieves for some of our customers. True Manufacturing is a long-time customer and over the years we have worked with them extensively. We were thrilled when they allowed us to do a case study showing how BlackBox has benefitted their business.

True Manufacturing supplies commercial refrigeration to the food and beverage industry worldwide and needed to ship spare and replacement parts more efficiently. They wanted to review their packaging costs and improve order fulfilment while reducing shipping costs. True Manufacturing purchased an automated packaging system, scanning each item to be packed to determine its length, width, and height. BlackBox uses this data to determine the optimal carton size. The automated packaging system then creates the correct carton based on our BlackBox calculations.

Now, BlackBox serves as the calculator and communicator between the automated packaging system and the ERP system. Whenever an order is placed, BlackBOx determines the best carton size and amount of fill material needed, sending the information to the automated packaging system so it can make the box. Every carton receives a unique reference number that matches the sales order. It is a system that ensures every order is packed efficiently while following all loading rules. The customer receives a well-packaged order containing goods in perfect condition.

During the first year of introducing this system, True Manufacturing reduced its packaging costs by USD$213k. Read the complete Case Study here.

Our customers love BlackBox because it is infinitely scalable and can grow with a business. We provide custom solutions to accommodate even hard to ship items with complex loading rules.

In the current climate, no company can afford to have inefficient shipping processes. Contact us to discover how our solutions could help your business.