MagicLogic Optimization Inc.

Today’s distribution environment is challenging. Regardless of the size of business, consumer expectations are continually increasing, with demands for improved speed, convenience and choice. Modern logistics solutions must go beyond merely fulfilling demand by anticipating the consumer’s needs and allowing users to make smarter decisions on the fly.

MagicLogic was formed with a vision of supplying the best and most complete logistics solutions for load planning, using powerful algorithms capable of handling even the most challenging of loads. Leveraging advanced technology, we ensure the most complex rules and regulations are adhered to, so you can achieve greater efficiency, maintaining your competitive edge in the market. 

Why Do Thousands of Companies Trust MagicLogic Software?
Every day, MagicLogic customers across the globe use our software to provide better and more efficient solutions for container load planning, palletization and cartonization. Our R&D team is continually adding more features, delivering value and improving your performance and revenue. 

Fully Flexible and Adaptable
MagicLogic solutions are built to industry standards using best practice, yet are flexible and adaptable. Our specialty is in enhancing, customizing and extending our products for clients with specific requirements that cannot be met by off-the-shelf products. 

Measurable ROI
Put our software to the test. Compare our results to your manual loading, your current software or your Excel spreadsheets and you will soon see why our software will not only pay for itself, but help put more on your bottom line, every day.

Reliable, Scalable, Performant
We know our clients can’t afford downtime, and MagicLogic software offers excellent reliability, backed up with technical support that is second to none. Our architecture is specifically designed to grow with your business, and the systems are self-tuning, self-balancing and fast. 

Easy Integration
No need to customize existing applications, as our BlackBox optimizer is easily integrated, providing load optimization capabilities via industry-standard APIs. This service supports your business operations and enabling a better performing, more responsive supply chain. 

A Recognized Market Leader
MagicLogic has a proven track record since its establishment more than twenty years ago. Its innovative logistic solutions are developed in-house and are utilized by a comprehensive range of industries including well-known supply chain providers, major brands and household names. 

What sets MagicLogic apart from our competitors our ability to adjust and adapt to customers needs. Known as a market leader, MagicLogic has been in the Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT providers list for the past seventeen years.