The state-of-the-art in Load Optimization software, and the program of choice for the Logistics Professional. There is no better Load Planning software on the market than MagicLogic’s Cube-IQ. We load more! Not only that, but we cover more operational requirements than any other software, and we have more versions, tailor-made for different industries and implementation scenarios.

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Cube-IQ is MagicLogic’s Windows software for Load Planning. It lets you access our famous algorithm, fully developed in-house, and still under constant R&D.

Cube-IQ has a complete database engine built-in, that allows clients to share the database across multiple users. The database comes with full import-export capabilities, using CSV, Excel, or XML files. The CSV and Excel specs are user-definable. The database is fully SQL- and ODBC-compliant as well. No external database software is needed.

Cube-IQ has a complete graphical User Interface, with point-and-click and drag-&-drop to build up loading jobs, and with on-screen and printed graphics. There is even drag & drop editing of loadings available.

Cube-IQ offers full flexibility in loading and stacking rules, which you can define for each orientation of a box. Please try Cube-IQ, and compare. Our trial version is fully functional, and will give you a very good idea how well we will fit your requirements.

The Cube-IQ Load Planning system is built around the best Loading Engine on the market and will give you optimal volume/weight utilization. Cube-IQ optimizes the loading of items in one or more containers, optionally of different sizes: we will select the right containers for your load. The system can help you to cube-out loads on your PC, and also in the actual loading through its clear, 3D diagram based loading instructions.

MagicLogic developed its own algorithm which explains why we can keep adding features all the time. Ongoing research provides ongoing improvement, which to you means, again, more getting loaded. We load boxes in containers, trucks, ULDs and rail cars (multi-directionally), but we also do optimized palletization and cartonization. It’s not just boxes that are loaded, but also rolls (straight up and on their side, nested if required), and nested L-shapes (e.g. sofas).

Our customers use Cube-IQ to load containers in inbound and in outbound shipping. Inbound, the software helps to place orders with quantities that are optimized to fill one or more containers. Outbound, Cube-IQ helps for cargo estimation and to maximize volume utilization.


Cube-IQ runs under Windows (Vista, 7, 8.1, 10) and can be set up for stand-alone installation, with a shared database on a network, or under Terminal Server/Citrix.

Here are just some of the possibilities of Cube-IQ:”

  • Create 3D load plans using complex loading rules including loading sequence, partial loads, weight distribution
  • Optimize loads under comprehensive stacking and box orientation rules
  • Store and retrieve complete loading cases
  • Distribute actual loading instructions (electronically or printed) in clear, 3D diagrams
  • Import and export complete loading cases to other Cube-IQ installations

Trucks can be loaded by Cube-IQ, with axle weight limits taken fully into account, contrary to some other systems that only calculate the weights on axles, Cube-IQ will keep these weights within the limits automatically. This leads to fully legal and safer loads.

Cube-IQ’s more advanced truck loading capabilities include:”

  • Loading in (reverse) drop sequence
  • Loading around ‘unusable spaces’ (like freezers)
  • Handling of split-level trucks/trailers

Cube-IQ can help you with mixed palletization (robotics) too, as well as do cartonization. Typically this involves automation, for which we have a special version BlackBox. For details, please visit the BlackBox page.

A large part of our business comes directly from consultancy to businesses who wish to leverage the power of the Cube-IQ optimizers and software, but have specific requirements. Over 50% of our clients are using versions of Cube-IQ that were specifically modified for them. Examples of our recent customization work include: · Enhanced reports · New import / export filters · Loading rules · Buddy-stacking for pallets · Weight limits and axles ratios 

Awards Thanks to Cube-IQ, MagicLogic has been in the Inbound Logistics Top 100 Logistics IT providers list for the last fourteen years.

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