Volvo uses Cube-IQ to power its Load Planning initiative

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Useful Tips

Registering & Activating Cube-IQ

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Registering & Activating Cube-IQ outside of the program

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Registering & Activating BlackBox

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Errors and Error Messages

Message “Canvas does not allow drawing” when printing, emailing or saving reports.

This message is triggered when the Windows default printer is unavailable. Ensure your printer is online, or select a different default printer from the Windows Control Panel.

Access Violation when switching to the Load Edit screen.

Step One: please ensure your graphics card drivers are fully up-to-date. This fixes the issue in the majority of cases.

Step Two: (Windows XP users)

1. Right click on your desktop and choose Properties at the bottom
2. Click the Settings tab
3. Click the Advanced button
4. Click the Troubleshoot tab
5. Slide the slider all the way to the left
6. Click Apply

Leave the little dialog open while you try out Cube-IQ again to see if Load Editing now works.

If it works, try stepping the slider one click to the right each time and clicking Apply until we find the point where it crashes again. The problem is local to Load Edit since that is the only place in the program where we use OpenGL.