Leading furniture manufacturer Bernhardt uses Cube-IQ to optimize complex furniture loads

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MagicLogic offers a special variant of its Cube-IQ loading software for the lumber industry. Cube-IQ for Lumber currently handles the loading of lumber into containers and on centerbeam flatcars.

This version loads packs of lumber in two ‘walls’ in split-beam railcars, or in shipping containers. Cube-IQ for Lumber can be used in a mode that just checks a given tally for fit. It can also run in a separate mode that optimizes a given (fitting) tally for minimum loading effort via improved stacking rules.

Some of the special features are lineal footage calculations, load balancing between left and right of containers, and a left-right, multi-container 2-D load editing mode where drag&drop can be used for final load customization.

Cube-IQ for Lumber is typically deployed during the sales process to check if a requested tally will fit. It is currently in use at large lumber companies, such as Canfor and Weyerhaeuser. Both these companies have contributed immensely to the specification of Cube-IQ for Lumber.

The Cube-IQ BlackBox is also available in a special ‘lumber version’, for integration into other systems.