Dabs UK uses Cube-IQ BlackBox to cartonize online orders in real-time

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One of MagicLogic’s largest vertical markets is the furniture industry, where we have dozens of customers including La-Z-Boy, Ashley, Klaussner, Kimball, Jysk, Universal and Bernhardt.

Cube-IQ offers several special features for furniture loading. The main one is nested loading of sofas, as 3D L-shapes. We have a comprehensive set of stacking and orientation rules. These allow handling of requirements such as loading of glass table tops, always ‘on edge, except when on top’.

Mixed Furniture Load

Mixed Furniture Load

Loading of furniture is particularly difficult, given the typical sizes of the items involved. The smallest mistakes can cost several percentage points in volume utilization. It is this kind of load optimization where Cube-IQ’s in-house developed load optimizer really shines.