Dabs UK uses Cube-IQ BlackBox to cartonize online orders in real-time

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If you are an existing Cube-IQ user, please refer to this list to compare the new features of Cube-IQ 4.0.

We provide a conversion feature which will copy an existing 3.3 database into 4.0, and you can run both products on one PC at the same time without interference.

• Complete Unicode support
• Powerful and completely flexible import formats, including drag-drop from Excel
• MS Office style ribbon bar replaces the Sidebar, Toolbar and Menus
• Terminology: Load Spaces are now Zones
• Terminology: Packages are now Products
• Reports can be saved as both PDF and RTF (RTF can be edited in MS Word etc. - very useful)
• New reports available including UCC-128 labels
• Scheduled auto-import of new data
• Scripting: control Cube-IQ from batch files to access Import, Export, Optimize and Print functions
• Configurations: groups of the same product in pre-loaded format. Cube-IQ automatically selects the best fit
• Colour-coding on the Load Setup screen so you can quickly see which products are loaded, partially loaded and not at all loaded

Order Grouping screen
• This is a complete new screen which allows users to group orders into routes before optimization

Load Setup screen
• Screen orientation can be changed between horizontal and vertical layout
• Product grid now colour-coded to clearly show which products are partially (or not at all) loaded

Load Overview screen
• This is a new screen showing brief load details and graphic for all loaded containers

Load Plan
• New “Navigation Cube” introduced to make moving and viewing the Load Plan much simpler

Product Details screen
• Redesigned and improved layout
• Graphic now shows how the product is loaded relative to the container for each orientation

Container Details screen
• Redesigned and improved layout

• Significantly improved loading results in general
• Proportional loading now extremely accurate with its proportions
• Improved roll loading
• Improved palletization and mixed palletization
• Improved Diagnostics explains many more reasons why products did not load

Behind the Scenes
• Brand new SQL compliant database engine, and fully integrated.
• One-step installation for most users
• Now fully Vista / 7 /8 compliant
• Improved database auto-update functionality