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Evaluation versions of our products are freely downloadable from our website. Take Cube-IQ for a test drive today and compare our results with your existing manual loads or Load Planning system. And, by all means, compare our loads with those produced by our competitors. You will be surprised by the difference.

Contact us for assistance in loading your own data into the system. Your personal account manager will be pleased to demonstrate the system on-line for you.

If your company is implementing a WMS, TMS or ERP, and you need enhanced loading, robotization, palletization or cartonization capabilities, ask your supplier to contact us. The Cube-IQ BlackBox can be integrated into all third party systems quickly and seamlessly.


Cube-IQ 5.1 Download

This is a fully-featured, unlimited version of our system which will run for a full 45 days of use. We would appreciate if you could please fill out a brief registration form before downloading.
Please note this is the single-user edition of our software. If you would like to install Cube-IQ on your Citrix or Terminal Server, please contact us for the network version.


Cube-IQ csv import format

Cube-IQ xml import format

Cube-IQ Service-Oriented Architecture Whitepaper

Cube-IQ BlackBox Server Whitepaper


Building your first load with Cube-IQ
Cube-IQ training: a PowerPoint presentation