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MagicLogic’s load optimization algorithm is the result of over 12 years continuous research and development

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  • 09Mar
    Cube-IQ Comments Off

    Step 1:Using the Main Menu button at the top left of the program, access the Help->Registration menu item



    Step 2:Use the Create Code button to generate your unique license id. Use the copy button to put the information into your clipboard so it can be pasted into an email. This email should be sent to for validation.



    Step 3:MagicLogic will reply to your email with an activation code, which should be entered in the Key Code field as shown below.

    Finally, click the ‘Register’ button to activate your software.



  • 11Sep
    Cube-IQ, News Comments Off

    MagicLogic is currently inviting agents, resellers, JV partners and preferred clients to download Cube-IQ 4.0.

    Please see our downloads page or contact MagicLogic if you would like to try out Cube-IQ 4.0 today.

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