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Cube-IQ not only optimizes boxes, but also rolls, L-shapes, T-shapes, U-shapes and trapezoids: all correctly interleaved and braced

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  • 29Apr

    Felecia Stratton, Editor at Inbound Logistics says:

    Inbound Logistics readers face complex, demanding challenges: matching demand to supply and aligning their operations to support that business process evolution; speeding and reducing inventory; and managing complete visibility of products from one end of the supply chain to the other. Logistics technology has become more than an enabler.  For many, it has become the pathway to supply chain excellence and a lifeline to enterprise survivability.Inbound Logistics is proud to honor MagicLogic as a 2009 Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for excellence in providing solutions that answer our readers’ needs for quick ROI, while still maintaining ease of use and efficient implementation.”

    This marks MagicLogic’s seventh year in the Top 100. Our thanks go to our customers, staff and agents.

    Top 100 Logistics IT Provider

    Top 100 Logistics IT Provider

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