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Very powerful options built right in!

Here are just some of the possibilities of Cube-IQ and BlackBox:

  • Create 3D load plans using complex loading rules like sequencing and grouping, combinability, or matching to specific containers/cartons/pallets
  • Optimize loads under comprehensive stacking and box orientation rules, with placement of center of gravity
  • Archive and retrieve complete loading cases
  • Distribute actual loading instructions (electronically or printed) in clear 3D diagrams
  • Import your data from user-definable CSV, XML, or Excel
  • Import and export complete loading cases to other Cube-IQ installations
  • Trucks can be loaded by Cube-IQ, with axle weight limits taken fully into account

MagicLogic specializes in extending, enhancing and customizing its products to “fit the bill.” A large proportion of our business comes directly from consultancy to businesses who wish to leverage the power of the Cube-IQ optimizers and software, but have specific requirements. Over 50% of our clients are using versions of Cube-IQ that were customized to their needs.

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